The Johnson Development Difference

What makes Johnson Development unique? It is a combination of experience, values and an outlook on doing business that can’t be found in other firms.

  • Experience: Our historical experience in developing over 4,000,000 square feet of medical office buildings and related healthcare facilities provides us with a wealth of know-how when it comes to managing complex projects.  With hundreds of physician partners across the country, we understand hospitals’ and physicians’ sensitivity to escalating operating costs, particularly in a period of unprecedented uncertainty in the healthcare industry.  To that end, we are committed to developing medical office building projects with the most affordable rents while also delivering the most efficient cost of capital for each individual project.
  • Independence: As a privately held company we are not subject to the whims of a parent company or the need to manage to quarterly earnings. Nor do we have a “one size fits all” approach to the complex and unique real estate needs of our clients and partners. That independence provides an unparalleled level of flexibility in how we approach each project. It is that flexibility which allows us to focus on delivering the right solution for each project in a way that will result in benefits for all parties involved.
  • Commitment: We have always been 100% committed to the healthcare industry. That ongoing commitment allows us to deliver unique and innovative solutions to the constantly evolving challenges and very complex needs of the healthcare industry. The level of experience and expertise required by our clients and tenants can’t be found in firms that serve multiple real estate segments.

We believe our experience, independence and commitment is best demonstrated by our physician ownership program. Over the course of developing dozens of physician-owned projects, our experience shows that providing physician tenants with the opportunity to make a real investment in a significant ownership interest in projects leads to more successful results for all involved. It is our independence and flexibility which allow us to structure those transactions in a way that puts the success of the project and our partners first. Built on an unparalleled history of success and an approach that is the best in the industry, we remain committed to physician ownership in our projects.